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Hi, I’m Amanda…

I have always had a passion for animals and I have a beautiful Alaskan Malamute called Miska.  Becoming a dog mum to Miska led me to want to change my career and work with dogs full time.

From the enjoyment of walking your four legged friends in the beautiful Derbyshire Countryside; to training, teaching and watching you and your dogs reap the rewards. I really do love every aspect of my job and I genuinely haven't looked back! 

I trained at the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, meaning I am an Accredited Positive Dog Trainer, not only recognised by the IMDT but also by the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. The dog training industry is unfortunately not regulated but by becoming a member of the IMDT means I have undergone vigorous theoretical and practical training so I am able to give your dog the best possible training available.

The aim of The IMDT is to provide high quality training, education and membership to all Dog Trainers, with an emphasis on proven, ethical and science based teaching methods.

I look forward to answering any of your questions and most of all.... Meeting you and your four legged friends 🐾


IMDT - Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation

IMDT - Happy Recallers

IMDT - Partnership Grdaes 

IMDT - Loose Leaders

IMDT - Separation Anxiety & Related Disorders

IMDT - Service Dogs

IMDT - The Excerises - Foundations to Advanced

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