Dog Training

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Covid -19 Update

Providing the Government Roadmap proceeds as outlined, I will be continuing with outdoor training classes,

maintaining the health and safely guidelines.

 I look forward to welcoming you and your fur babies! Amanda x


Puppy Training Course (6 Weeks)                              £75.00 

Would you like to teach your lovable little pup the basics of recall, how to behave well in public and have fun in the process?

Six weekly classes covering all the essentials for a well balanced puppy in a small friendly class, held at an outdoor venue in Newbold.

The course covers focus work, socialisation, confidence building, calmness, lose lead walking, recall, basic obedience, a few fun enrichment games and more!

6 week course, small groups only

Puppies from 10 weeks (or after final vaccinations) to 6 months welcome



Junior Training Course (6 Weeks)                                         £75.00 

If you wish to continue your pups education, or may wish to recap on their obedience work, then this course covers focus work, interactive recall, how to meet and greet, emergency stop, lose lead walking, obedience training, opening gates, a few fun enrichment games and more!

6 week course, small group only.

Junior dogs from 6 months to 1 year, all abilities welcome.





Saturday 31st July - 1-2.30pm Loose Leaders £20.00

Learn how to train your dog to walk nicely at the side of you, instead of pulling, lunging or ignoring you. This class explains how to achieve a more harmonious partnership and less stress for you and your dog. It is designed to give you the tools to put into practice. 

Saturday 31st July - 3-4.30pm Awesome Recallers £20.00

Is your dog more interested by everything else, or have they just suddenly become 'deaf' when you call them?

Learn how to gain a great recall using several techniques that are fun, engaging and long lasting. 


New Puppy Consultation                                                       £25.00

A meet and greet in the comfort of your own home, to help welcome and make your new bundle of joy feel safe and relaxed.

Covering all things related to preparing your fur baby for the many new experiences ahead. 

From toilet training, crate training, reading your dogs body language, discussing leads and harnesses, feeding routines and how to get through those first nights. 

General Obedience Training Course (6 weeks)                              £75.00 

Would you like to continue your puppy's education? Does your dog have bad or no recall? Would you like to teach them how to walk nicely on a lose lead? Or just improve your fur friends obedience skills. 

These classes are designed for owners who wish to understand their dogs more, and build a special bond between them and their canine companion.

Ongoing classes teaching a variety of behaviours including emergency stop, opening gates, heel work, blind recall, scent work, enrichment games and much more.

Small classes only, max 5 dogs. Age from 6 months onwards. held at an outdoor venue in Newbold.


MONDAY 26TH JULY  6.15-7.15PM


1-2-1 Obedience Training                                                   POA

If you wish to teach your dog in the comfort of your own home, or in a quiet location away from distractions. If your dog is a little nervous or shows signs of aggression towards other dogs, it is advisable to train individually. 

Personal attention and a kind, caring method of teaching has proved to see visible results in a short time. Establishing a confident, positive dog whilst building on the relationship between dog and owner is a lovely journey and one which provides great satisfaction. 

Dogs of any age welcome, initial assessments will be made and a personalised training plan introduced.

Our Training Ethos

We believe training is a way of guiding your dog to be well mannered, social and a much loved family member. Our classes and 1-2-1 training sessions are designed to teach you how to understand your dogs behaviour, whilst building a strong, trusting connection with your canine companion. 

Our training is based on kind, caring, simple methods which help to engage your dog in mental and physical stimulation, resulting in a happy confident dog and a contented owner. We provide ethical, science-based proven training methods, that are force-free. And actively reject any physical correction methods or equipment that may cause physical or mental discomfort.

"Motivate don't dominate"