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Dog Sitting

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Peace of mind...

At times you may need to leave your fur babies when away for the occasional night or on holiday, and there is nothing more important than making sure your canine is safe, comfortable and in caring hands.

Often dogs feel anxious and stressed when their pawrents leave them, so keeping them in the familiar surroundings of their own home with their usual comforts is the kindest solution. 

From the minute your dog is being looked after until the minute you return, every detail is taken care of. Feeding, walking, playing, grooming and all their usual routines are accommodated for. Along with the peace of mind there is someone with them at all times. 

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For odd nights or wk ends

Overnight Stay (per dog) £25.00

2 dogs £35.00


For full week

Overnight Stay (per dog) £20.00

2 dogs £30.00

For more dogs, POA

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