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Choosing a Dog Trainer

How difficult can it be? Well, like a lot of things there are many options and many opinions on everything on the internet, and that includes dog training. It can be confusing and mind boggling, and in the end you probably just choose the first one that pops up on Google.

The way I see it, choosing the right trainer for your fur baby is like choosing the right school for your children. There are many things to consider, like location, standard of teaching expertise, class sizes, specialised subjects, extra curriculum activities, costs and future career advice to mention a few.

Each trainer has a slightly different approach to training, and it's really important to find a trainer that speaks the same language as you (not just doggy lingo) and wants the best for your canine. You may want your dog to be super obedient and stick like glue to your side, you may want your dog to become an agility star, your running companion, or you may want your fur baby to be a well behaved, happy and sociable family dog. With many more variations possible!

It's not all about an 8 week course and a rosette at the end, but more about the relationship formed between you and your dog and the journey you have taken.

So how to find the right trainer for you and your dog!

The best advice is to do your research, it's not all about years of experience or a long list of qualifications. But more about finding someone who listens to your requirements, understands your expectations and can offer the right service for YOU.

Some trainers use more traditional training methods based on dominance and pack theory, but most trainers now use positive reinforcement methods, based on behavioural science and further understanding of dogs. With proven results of much happier, contented and well balanced canines.

Whilst I am not here to promote the training company I recommend, I strongly urge you to do some further investigations before starting your dog training journey. Ask questions on their training methods, their belief in dog behaviour and what they can realistically offer you and your dog long term.

'Happy training equals a happy dog and a contented owner'

Enjoy your fur baby, learn together and become the best of friends!

All the best


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