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It cant be that time of year again... oh yes it can, oh no it can't... Oh sorry that's Panto season! Ok so its not quite Christmas yet but we are well on our way, and we have two exciting/possibly stressful times round the corner. Halloween and Bonfire night!

As per tradition I have to do some form of competition, so this year instead of a photo comp, I've decided to do a 'Trick for a Treat' competition. The idea being you send a short video of your dog doing a trick or two and the best trick wins a cauldron full of tasty treats.

Entries close on Saturday 30th October so still one day to get your videos in, go on I dare you! Post your entries on the facebook page, or send to

Then I have decided to host a Haunted Halloween Hunt, on Sunday 31st October in Linacre woods, it is a 1-1.5hr walk around the reservoirs, with lots of spooky items to find hidden in the woods, and a chance to meet up with other halloween hounds, and enjoy a chat n coffee afterwards. If you would like to join the silly fun, costumes are optional. It begins at 12 noon from the Peacock pub in Cutthorpe, Chesterfield.

And finally we have Bonfire night... fun for some but hell for many. I know of several dogs that are sound sensitive and Fireworks are absolutely terrifying, to the point of sedation being the only option. I really feel for you and know you must feel awful not knowing how to protect your babies. If you are worried please read my blog from last year for some tips and if really severe, please contact your vet for advice.

I too will be worrying and nurturing my own fur baby, not my dog (fortunately she is not affected by fireworks) but I recently bought a horse, and whilst he may be fine, I will be camping by his bedside to make sure he is okay.

So I hope your fur kids can enjoy this time of month, even if only half as much as I will getting dressed up for Halloween. And I look forward to seeing your trick videos and some of you on the 31st!

Amanda x

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