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New for 2022

As Derbyshire Dog Services enters its 3rd year, we have lots of exciting new events and courses to share with you. We thank you for your continued support and hope to see many of you returning over the coming months.

First and foremost is the fast approaching Easter Dog show we are hosting on Sunday 10th April at Holmebrook Valley Park.

Easter Show

We have over 20 stalls selling fabulous dog products and services, food vendors including cakes and donuts stalls, and lots of fun classes like egg and spoon race, musical sits, grab a duck and best trick chick. We hope to see lots of you there, whether competing or just supporting, and fingers crossed we have some nice weather!

New courses

We have added more dynamic courses from Whistle Workshops for those wishing to learn how to train their dogs to whistle cues and retrieval work. Trick Training to add fun to your daily routines and Rally Obedience for those wanting to improve their general obedience training.

We will also be looking at arranging more organised walks in the Peak District over the Spring/Summer, dates and locations to be confirmed.

Swimming Course

Due to high demand, I have arranged a 4 week course starting in May when the weather and water is a little warmer. This is designed for pups over 5 months of age or adult dogs as an introduction to water. It is a fun, interactive course where you get to go into the purpose built indoor dog swimming pool with your dog, and encourage them to swim. For those natural swimmers we can offer rescue training, or diving off the dive dock. Please express interest to

We look forward to seeing lots of lovely returning clients, and welcoming many new faces and paws!

Amanda, Rebecca & Ryan X

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