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What a year!

Well autumn is well and truly upon us, winter is around the corner, and the summer has flown by, but what a year it has been so far!

Where to start... The dreadful Covid put a stop to all training from last November to March 2021, so my loyal dog walking clients saw me through a tough few months, until we could resume outdoor dog training. And then I had training coming out of my ears, trying to juggle existing clients and new courses, meant I was teaching every night and 1-2-1 training at weekends. Not that I'm complaining at all, it was great to see everyone getting back into the swing of things, and the weather provided us with a good outdoor facilities at my field in Newbold. I was also hiring the field out to people wanting to practice their recall, or just let their dogs to have a run around in a secure area. This proved very popular and between Puppy and Junior social events, training classes and field hire, the field was in constant use.

Then I got a new addition, along came a large 4-legged baby in the form of a horse. So the field hire came to an end, but I am still able to do 1-2-1 training there, so long as the horse has grass to occupy himself as he does like to be involved.

Summer came and went and to mark the end of the season I teamed up with Amy from The Canine Collective UK to host our first ever Charity Dog Show at Holmebrook Valley park in Chesterfield on Sunday 12th September 2021. We held classes which combined our training disciplines, and had lots of fun in the process. From Scent work, Best Trick, Hoopers, Egg & Spoon Race, Apple Bobbing, Rally Obedience and many more.

Despite our concerns, the event was a great success. With an overwhelming turnout and many people participated in the events and enjoyed the day. We exhibited some lovely stalls from local dog businesses, and raised a substantial amount for two chosen charities.

Following the event we received some wonderful reviews, and may be looking to organise an Easter Dog Show, so watch this space!

Then I introduced Paddle Pups, a 4 week Swimming Course, along with taster sessions for those who were not sure if their fur kids liked water. We had some laughs and fun in the pool and the sessions were a big hit with the fur kids, many gaining their paddle paws, some even tried the dive board and basic rescue work.

I will be holding further courses commencing March 2022, so let me know if you are interesting in enrolling your dogs.

And now we are entering the winter season, indoor courses have already begun, Halloween has been and gone, and what ghoulish fun it was!

Firstly I held a 'Trick for a Treat' competition, asking for a video of their canine performing a trick. We had some brilliant entries, from a skeletal dancing duo to a pawsome pumpkin. But the winner was a fluff ball who did a series of tricks making them look oh soooo spookily easy.

And if that wasn't enough, Ryan and myself hosted a Halloween Hunt/walk around Linacre reservoirs. Whilst several people understandably cancelled due to the dreadful weather on the day, and despite the mud and rain, we still had a great turnout with over 20 people and 15 dogs. The day was finished off with a well earned hot chocolate in the local pub and a chance for everyone to chat.

Let's not forget bonfire night, and for those who's canines may have anxiety or nervous of noise, this is always such a frightening time. Several of my dog walking clients dog's had a bad time, not just on firework night but the run up and afterwards. There really should be a ban on fireworks being let of on other days, it is just not necessary. It was nice to see this year many stores opting for silent fireworks, hopefully this will catch on and the stress for many will be reduced.

So what is left for the year! Well.... following the introduction of new 4 week Loose Leaders and Awesome Recaller's Courses, which have worked really well, and will continue in the new year. I have added a couple of new one off classes for the end of November and December, Christmas Tricks. I thought it would be an engaging and fun way to involve children and their canines to have a go at learning a few new tricks. And a great way to show your dog's skills when the family and friends come around over the festive period.

I cannot forget to mention my amazing right hand man Ryan and his gorgeous dog Sherman, who has been my faithful assistant for over a year now. He has been with me in all weathers, and has my back when I'm having fuzzy days. His dedication and love of dog's shines through, and he has a very natural way with all the fur kids, my dog actually loves him more than me, True!

In addition, the lovely Rebecca joined the team later this year and has been a great asset so far, helping with group classes and assisting me with admin, whilst teaching me technical bits which are pretty basic to most, but a minefield for a none IT literate person like myself. Rebecca has also trained with the IMDT and is looking to complete her final assessment next year.

We are all set to complete a follow-up canine first aid course at the end of November, and we have some further training courses booked, giving us even more knowledge to share with you lovely pawrents!

And finally the best bit.... the CHRISTMAS PAWTY!

To end the year, I am hosting a party for all my dog Training and Walking clients and their dog's. Everyone is welcome, but pawrents must be well behaved!

There will be some fun games, a raffle, best fancy dress competition and Santapaws Grotto, along with a few mince pies and warm drinks available.

The date is Saturday 18th December, 2-4pm at Hall on the Green in Newbold. If you are interested in joining please let me know so I have an idea of numbers. And if you would like to have a stall or sell any dog related items I am happy to arrange this.

For those who cannot make the party, I wish you all a fantastic festive time with your fur kids, and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Amanda X

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I have tried a few times to arrange joining a class but to no avail, if you have anything especially around recall I would be really interested.

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If you email it to and I will respond.

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